The Social Benefits of Partnership Dance

I love this place! I have taken both private lessons and group classes and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. I always have a great time when I’m there. The Friday night parties are a great way to practice what I’ve learned in a completely judgment free space. ~ Jenny

Dance is powerful! There are amazing benefits to learning partnership dancing. Benefits include increased confidence, discovering new social outlets, a better sense of self-awareness, goal-setting, and better social skills.  Over time, anxiety in social situations will decrease, as well as depression and stress.  Since learning to dance is a skill, the effort you put into practicing will result in reaping the amazing benefits as you learn to dance.  

Learning to dance will increase your social confidence

Imagine that you are at a wedding and you sit at your table all evening because you don’t  know how to dance. Everybody looks as if they are having a great time and you tell yourself that you are having a nice time too, but you would have a better time if you knew how to dance. Or you are listening to a band and you are asked to dance.  Sure – you are flattered, but you turn them down, not because you don’t want to dance, but because you don’t know how to dance and you don’t have the confidence to get up and dance in front of everybody.  Putting in the effort to learn partnership dancing can change your life!  You’ll no longer wait on the sidelines and watch everyone else dance in front of you.  As you learn how to lead or follow, you will be more comfortable in more social situations and your confidence will soar!  Jacinto states, “As you learn to partnership dance, confidence is increased. You become more comfortable in social situations….actually, in ALL situations in your life, such as work, public speaking, and meeting new people.”  

Inner confidence can be gained through working on improving yourself

Learning to dance places you in situations where you will interact with other dance students and as you begin the process of your learning, you’ll find that you need to communicate either by asking questions or by practicing a pattern a few more times with your partner or instructor. You might find that other students have the same questions as you and they might want to improve different skills with you.  As you become more confident in your abilities to lead or follow, you’ll become more relaxed as you continue your practicing. After all, you’ve been socializing this whole time. As you continue to put forth effort into improving your dancing, your confidence grows.  This confidence flows into other areas of your life. Your mood will improve, you will dress better, you will walk a little straighter, you will feel proud of yourself.  The social benefits of dance will reflect in the way you walk, deal with everyday challenges, and talk to others. 

Learning to dance will increase social interaction

If you are hesitant to meet new people and want to overcome shyness, learn to social dance! Meeting people while dancing is a great way to gain new friends and increase your social circle. When you go to that wedding, you will be on that dance floor having a great time dancing with your friends and family. You will have a completely different experience with your friends as you listen to that band.  You’ll no longer be on the sidelines, but in the middle of the action!.  There is a whole wide world of experiences to discover through partnership dance.

There is nothing more interactive and socially expressive in a good natured fun way than dance.  Partnership dancing is a great way to develop confidence, meet new people, to celebrate friendships, to celebrate romance, love, and adventure. Here at Holiday Dance Studio, you’ll get the whole social experience. We provide the knowledge, the practice, dance, music, celebration, and camaraderie all in one package.  You get the private instruction, the group instruction and the social support from the instructors and the other members in an inviting environment.  We celebrate every Friday night in an elegant, festive, beautiful setting with amazing staff and members! Every Friday is a real celebration through dance! Start your dance journey with us today by asking about our “Discovery Special” for new dancers.