July 14, 2021 4pm
Joseph Hudson
We have changed the verbiage from beginner lessons to foundational lessons. The reason is, as a teacher of dance, I want our more advanced members to keep a connection to the foundation of their dancing. Foundational classes include elementary figures and elementary foundation technique that continues on throughout your dance journey. By providing foundational classes, we are providing a practice opportunity to ingrain foundational concepts that will carry out throughout your dance experience from the beginning until you become a seasoned dancer. In other words, good body mechanics like lead and follow, frame, swing and sway, Latin motion, rise and fall does not begin in “silver” and “gold” dancing – it starts from the foundational lessons. I highly encourage all levels of dancers to participate regularly at the foundational level to solidify a good foundational understanding of partnering and smooth movement. Experts are created through practice of the fundamentals. Repetition is the mother of skill.